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  • Tarun Nappoly

    Tarun Nappoly

  • Jordi Bassaganas

    Jordi Bassaganas

    All things web and more. programarivm.com

  • John D Hazard

    John D Hazard

    A Data Scientist and comics aficionado. Attends abrasive metal and punk shows in DC. Watches Horror and SF/F movies with his beautiful wife and affable cat.

  • Amir Semsarzadeh

    Amir Semsarzadeh

    Data analyst, developer and critical thinker.

  • Zafer KAYA

    Zafer KAYA

    Merhaba ben Zafer İstanbulda yaşıyorum. www.linkedin.com/in/kaya10101010 www.instagram.com/zfr34_34

  • Lauren Bayne

    Lauren Bayne

  • Zeta Lai

    Zeta Lai

  • Patrick Old

    Patrick Old

    Providing you with inspiration, deep thoughts and ways to improve your life while we talk about my own as a young technologist. http://patrickold.me

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